2016-2017 Catalog

Servicemember’s Opportunity College

Students may benefit from the college’s special efforts to aid servicemembers in securing a postsecondary education. The American Association of Community Colleges has designated College of Central Florida as a Servicemember’s Opportunity College. Aside from stated and traditional means of obtaining credit toward most associate degrees, the following special policies, procedures and services are available to active-duty servicemembers, the National Guard, reserves, new recruits and veterans:

  1. Certain credits may be earned by satisfactory completion of College Level Examinations. (See CLEP Policy.)
  2. Credit can be given through relevant validated military service training, including military service schools, United States Armed Forces Institute, USAFI courses, and acceptable college-level GED test scores.
  3. In recognition of the advanced academic and technical content of many military education experiences, CF will grant credit for military education in certain cases. After enrollment in the college, a student may initiate the request for such credit by providing appropriate documentation as determined by the college. Recommendations in the A.C.E. Guide are advisory in nature and are not binding upon the college.
  4. Students enrolling in occupational certificate programs are eligible to satisfy up to 20 percent of the program’s competencies through military service credit. The competencies will be awarded after a student satisfactorily completes eight weeks of instruction in the appropriate occupational program. Transcripts should be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records for evaluation.