2016-2017 Faculty Handbook

Drop/Add Period and Student Withdrawals

Students may add classes during the official add/drop period published in the college calendar. Instructors must reprint class rolls after the final drop date to have an accurate list of the students who are enrolled in their class. At that point, if a student attends class who is not on the updated roll, that student should be sent to the Enrollment Services Center to clear up their enrollment.

Please view the withdrawal policy before submitting a withdrawal form for a student. Note that upon withdrawing from a class, the student will receive a grade of W.

Students should be alerted to the fact that (1) withdrawals do not count in the CF GPA, but may not be viewed favorably at the university level; (2) a withdrawal counts as an attempt under the forgiveness/withdrawal policy and the course repeat policy; (3) there are increased costs to take the course on the third attempt; (4) students may not withdraw from third attempts (F.S.1009.28); and (5) developmental education students who have completed 12 hours of college credit cannot withdraw from their sole preparatory class while remaining enrolled in college credit course work (F.S.1008.304c). (See http://pr.cf.edu/files/SA-AR12_Withdrawal_Form.pdf.)

NOTE: Due to 2009 Florida legislation regarding the repayment of Bright Future funds, student recipients should be alerted to speak with an advisor in the Enrollment Services Center before withdrawing.