2016-2017 Catalog

STS 0820 Surgical Technology II

Satisfactory clinical evaluation in STS 0810, current CPR/BLS certification and OSHA/AIDS/Bloodborne Pathogens/TB/Infection Control and Biohazardous Waste Certificate are required. This course focuses on continuance of surgical theory from STS0810. The basic concepts of information technology including computers, physics, LASERs and electricity are taught. The principles and techniques of robotic surgery are introduced and discussed. Endoscopic (MIS or MAS) procedures are explored in greater depth. This course provides study of special problems which coordinate with the individual needs of students relating to trauma, death, transplants, and procurements. Preparation and review for the National Certification Exam will be covered. Clinical supervised practice is an integral part of this course. The student will complete the process of having scrubbed in the first or second role as defined by the sixth edition core curriculum for Surgical Technology in a minimum of 120 surgical cases. Students will be able to demonstrate competent, entry level clinical skills for employment. At the completion of the program, the student will have reached the occupation completion point, OCP, of surgical technologist. With successful completion of the program and passing of the National Certification Exam on the final week of class; the graduate will earn the title of Certified Surgical Technologist.




STS 0810

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