2016-2017 Catalog

Eligible Coursework and Repeat Coursework

Coursework not required for a student's current program of study will impact a student's enrollment status and eligibility. Students may not receive financial aid for coursework that is not required for their major and/or not among approved electives for their current program of study. If a student is taking coursework not required for his/her program of study, the student's enrollment status will be adjusted for aid purposes.

Students may only receive federal financial aid funding for one additional attempt of a previously passed course. If a student fails a course, federal financial aid funding may be available for additional attempts until a grade is received, at which time the student has one additional attempt. Any repeated course(s), including the original attempt, must be counted toward maximum time frame and hours completion ratio requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress purposes, which can impact a student's financial aid eligibility.

In addition to the Federal guidelines on repeating coursework, CF’s Enrollment Services Office has internal policies which govern a student’s ability to retake courses. Students should check with their academic advisor on how the repeat coursework may impact their specific situation.