2016-2017 Faculty Handbook

Faculty Overload Supplements

Teaching faculty receive a supplement for teaching an overload assignment in the fall and/or spring semester, if the minimum of 15 classroom contact hours or the equivalent each semester is met and if student enrollment supports such action. Faculty are required to sign an agreement prior to receiving pay for classes taught. The agreement is normally sent to faculty after the semester begins. Faculty are asked to sign and return the agreement to the appropriate administrator as soon as possible to expedite having the contract entered into the payroll system. The signed contract is required before payment can be made.

Full-time faculty may be asked, but not required, to teach credit classes beyond the maximum credit hour assignment as defined in the faculty contract, currently 15 credits per semester. Assignment of overload will be at the discretion of the supervising academic administrator, based on the needs of the college, without encroaching upon either the quality or quantity of faculty performance of primary responsibilities. No full-time faculty member will teach more than 21 credits, or the equivalent, in any one semester. Exceptions to this requirement may be authorized only by the vice president for Academic Affairs, and then only on condition of full justification and evidence that the faculty member’s performance will in no way be jeopardized.