2016-2017 Faculty Handbook


State statute requires that each full-time faculty member shall teach a minimum of 15 classroom contact hours per week. A classroom contact hour consists of regularly scheduled classroom activity of not less than 50 minutes in a course of instruction that has been approved by the District Board of Trustees.

To determine a normal workload, the sum of semester credit hours and contact hours shall be between 28 and 32. The contact hours shall be at least 15. However, the appropriate vice president may, in special situations, certify an instructor as full time and possessing a normal workload when the sum of semester hours plus the sum of the contact hours is less than 28 and the contact hours are at least 15.

Normal workload for full-time faculty teaching vocational clock hour classes is 30 contact hours per semester. When class periods overlap, only one contact hour will be counted.

Workload for adjuncts shall not exceed nine credit hours.

Directed individualized study class will not be counted as part of the regular faculty workload.