2016-2017 Faculty Handbook

Religious Holiday Observance

In compliance with federal, state and District Board of Trustees rules which provide that there shall be no discrimination in the treatment of students and employees on the basis of religion, the college shall make reasonable accommodation for religious observance, practice and belief. Such accommodation shall apply to admissions, registration, class attendance and activities, scheduling of examinations and official ceremonies, and work assignments. Any student who believes that he or she has been unreasonably denied an educational benefit due to his or her religious belief or practice, may seek redress through the college grievance procedures.

No adverse or prejudicial effects shall result to any student or employee availing him or herself of the provisions of this rule.

(Florida Statute 1006.53; Florida Administrative Code 6A-14.0571; CF Board Policy 1.01, 3.18)

Leaves of Absence

Full-time faculty earn one day of sick leave for each month or major part of a month or a total of nine days for faculty on a 168-day contract. Full-time faculty may also earn one day of sick leave for each summer term in which they teach a full load (six semester hours). When sick leave is taken, hours are calculated by multiplying the number of hours absent (teaching and office) times 1.4.

Faculty who must miss class because of illness or other reasons shall notify their immediate supervisor as far in advance as possible so adequate provisions can be made for the class. If at all possible, qualified substitutes should be used to cover classes. See intranet for “Class Coverage Form during Travel/Leave Dates” (http://inside.cf.edu/forms/class_coverage_form.doc). When full-time faculty use sick leave, they must submit a leave form to their immediate supervisor as soon as they return to duty.

Full-time faculty members may be granted four (4) days leave each fiscal year for personal reasons, including emergencies. Personal leave shall be charged to sick leave. Personal leave is non-cumulative. When possible, a Leave Request and Authorization Form for personal leave should be filed in advance with the employee’s supervisor. In cases of emergencies, employees shall file a Leave Request and Authorization Form immediately upon returning to work.

Professional leave is granted to an employee to engage in activities, which will result in professional benefit or advancement that will contribute to the teaching effectiveness or to the benefit of the college. When seeking approval for extended professional leave an “Application for Sabbatical” must be approved by the President via procedures established through the Office of Academic Affairs. (See http://pr.cf.edu/files/AA-17_Application_for_Sabbatical.pdf).

Policy Manual, Rule 6.14

NOTE: Faculty and College Planning Day events and graduation are held on contracted days; therefore, if you need to miss these days/events due to illness or personal reasons, please submit a leave authorization form to your instructional supervisor in advance, if possible. Unless prior approval has been given, submit a full day (7 hours) for planning day events and two hours for graduation.