2016-2017 Faculty Handbook

PDC Services

Video Tutorials and Workshop Handouts

Video tutorials and documents can be found at http://inside.cf.edu/departments/opd/video_tutorials.htm. For additional information regarding workshops, conferences, and professional development opportunities, contact the Office of Professional Development at 352-854-2322, ext.1210 or ext. 1708.

Microsoft Office Helpful Hints and Tutorials

Microsoft Hints and Tutorials may be found at http://inside.cf.edu/departments/opd/microsoft_office_help.html, as well as links to MS Office Self-Paced Training Courses and MS Office Quick References Guides.

For faculty who have been upgraded to a different version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft has created a self-paced course titled “Microsoft Office Training” to help with the transition, available at https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Office-Training-Center-b8f02f81-ec85-4493-a39b-4c48e6bc4bfb 

Adjunct Faculty Information

PDC offers a website (http://inside.cf.edu/departments/opd/TLIsite/adjunct_faculty.htm) for CF adjunct faculty that provides links to the vision/mission statement, the Faculty Handbook, the learning theme, general collegewide information, and information pertinent to adjunct faculty. Some of the items/topics covered on this website include adjunct FAQs, course repository, learning outcomes, prevention of sexual harassment, service learning, social media usage and guidelines, a syllabus template, Orange Grove, video tutorials, Faculty and Staff 911 Guide, and an adjunct survey.

Scantron Test-Scoring Machine

A Scantron test-scoring machine is located in the Professional Development Center at the Ocala Campus and is available to all faculty members during the PDC hours. Faculty must bring the necessary supplies. (Scantron machines may also be available in other departments.) The Citrus Campus Scantron machine is located in Building 3, Room 208.