2016-2017 Faculty Handbook

Teaching and Learning Institute

TLI Mission

The Teaching and Learning Institute is dedicated to fostering a learning-centered culture at College of Central Florida. Recognizing that outstanding instruction is an ongoing process that requires continuous improvement, the CF Teaching and Learning Institute promotes and supports opportunities which stimulate excellence in teaching in order to enhance student learning.

TLI Goals

The Teaching and Learning Institute is committed to the following goals:

  • fostering continuous improvement in teaching and professional development
  • providing faculty access to current print and software materials
  • enhancing awareness of research findings on new teaching/learning methods
  • providing a mechanism and central location for faculty to express concerns and exchange ideas about teaching and learning
  • promoting and supporting the development of innovative courses and programs
  • approving and funding faculty initiated instructional mini-grant proposals
  • encouraging and supporting research on teaching methods and faculty-developed measures to assess the success of student learning
  • facilitating the exchanges of in-house expertise, materials, methods and resources through peer collaboration and faculty interaction
  • providing exposure to the best in current thinking on theories of learning through guest lectures, workshops, institutes, conferences, faculty exchanges, and visits

TLI Activities and Services

The Teaching and Learning Institute:

  • coordinates faculty on-campus activities including workshops, classroom visits, and faculty forums
  • publishes “Directions,” a CF faculty journal, containing dialogue on current professional issues, mini-grant abstracts, articles on teaching, announcements of recent instructional materials acquisitions, reviews of conferences and workshops, as well as highlights of available resources and services
  • in conjunction with the Office of Professional Development, sponsors, encourages, and funds participation in regional and national workshops and conferences in the disciplines as well as in teaching/learning theory and application (tuition assistance is also available)
  • offers individual appointments for assistance in projects (technical and nontechnical)
  • recognizes faculty excellence through the “Stars” and “Constellation” awards
  • purchases updated professional print materials and software
  • is located in the Professional Development Center, Building 3, Room 117

TLI Travel/Professional Development

See Procedures, Travel. You may apply for funding of professional conferences and other kinds of professional travel activities. Requests are evaluated by the Teaching and Learning Institute coordinator.

  1. Faculty currently under contract with CF may apply. All travel must be documented and approved in advance. All forms must be turned in at least three weeks prior to departure.
  2. Adjunct faculty must have taught at CF for at least four semesters (excluding current term). Amount of travel approved will be based on number of classes taught in the past two years at $100 per class, not to exceed $1,000 per trip or $1,000 per adjunct faculty member per year.
  3. To receive travel reimbursement, faculty must submit, within two weeks of return, a follow-up review that outlines the intended evaluation activity to include:
    • brief written review of the conference/workshop/program to be published in “Directions,” the Teaching and Learning Institute journal
    • presentations to colleagues at formal meetings (in-service workshops)
    • informal sharing with colleagues at division/department meetings