2016-2017 Student Handbook

Refunds and Disbursements

The student will receive a Refund Selection Kit with a personal code to validate identity from BankMobile Disbursements in the mail within two weeks after registering for the first time. BankMoblie Disbursements is the authorized agent for the college to issue refunds and disbursements. The information will come in a bright green envelope and the information must be used to select a method to receive any financial aid disbursements or refunds from the college. Activating your account and selecting a preference immediately is advised. Replacement cards will cost the student $10 each. Activation of the account takes only a few minutes and can be done online at www.refundselection.com. Activation options include:

  • Debit card disbursement (BankMobile Vibe). Funds are available within hours.
  • Direct deposit to a student's account of choice. This option requires students to input their banking information during the selection process before any disbursements will be processed. Funds are available within two to three business days.