2017-2018 Catalog

College Credit Division

All college credit students must be high school graduates, GED recipients, home school completers, or qualified early admission/dual enrollment students.

Students can be admitted to credit courses at CF under one or more of the following classifications.

New degree-seeking: Students can earn either the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Bachelor of Applied Science or Bachelor of Science degree. After the student’s application is processed, the Office of Admissions and Records sends the student an email with specific instructions, including the student's CF ID. The student must submit all required documents and official transcripts to be admitted. Once admitted, the student will receive an email with information about the orientation and registration process for all new degree-seeking students. If attending classes primarily at the Citrus Campus or Levy Campus, call for information.

Nondegree: Students can take selected college courses without intending to complete an associate degree program. Many students attend to upgrade employment skills, for career exploration, teacher recertification, audit, or for personal objectives. A nondegree applicant must submit a completed application and a one-time, nonrefundable application fee. After the application is processed, the student can complete the registration process at the Enrollment Services Center at the Ocala Campus, Citrus Campus or Levy Campus. Registration occurs during the general registration period.

A nondegree status student cannot be certified for financial aid or veterans’ benefits. If a student wishes to pursue a degree, he or she must contact the Enrollment Services Center and indicate a desire to be changed to a degree-seeking status.

Some courses are closed to nondegree seeking students.

Audit: Students who do not wish to gain college credit for courses taken may audit. Audit students will follow the regular registration and payment process. During the posted add/drop period ONLY, students may submit a request to change to audit status in the Enrollment Services Center at the Ocala Campus, Citrus Campus or Levy Campus. After the add/drop period, status cannot be changed to or from audit.

Transient: Students who have a home college other than CF can complete courses at CF. Transient students must present a transient form from their home college. The form must specify the courses that the college has approved for the student to take at CF. If the student decides to change enrollment status to transfer to CF, the student will need to complete a Transfer Student Admissions Application. Transient students may only register during the general registration period.

Teacher certification: Students can complete courses to maintain their teacher certification. Teacher certification students may register in the Enrollment Services Center during general registration for any course that does not have a prerequisite. If CF has received and evaluated college transcripts, the student will have much greater flexibility in course selection.

State employees: Students using the State Employee Tuition Waiver may register during the add period ONLY. Check the college calendar on page 7 of this catalog for these dates. Each semester, the waiver covers six credit hours of tuition. The state employee must complete the Application for State Employee Fee Waiver and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid.

Most college credit certificate-seeking students pursue a one-year program of study.

Transfer: Students who have previously registered at any other postsecondary institution(s), regardless of the amount of time spent or credit earned, are transfer students. They can be degree-seeking or nondegree-seeking.

Returning: Returning students or those who have previously applied and paid an application fee, will not be charged a second application fee. Students who return to CF who have not been continuously enrolled (defined as earning one credit hour or more in one academic year) will need to complete a readmission application as well as the academic requirements of the current catalog in effect. Any full- or part-time student has five calendar years of continuous enrollment after he/she returns to complete degree requirements under the catalog in effect when returning. Students seeking to return to the ADN (Associate in Science Degree Nursing) program must follow procedures outlined.

International: Students who are residents of countries other than the United States are international students. See the section on International Students for more information.

Regardless of which classification is appropriate, the student is considered either full-time (enrolled for 12 or more credits in a regular 16-week semester) or part-time (enrolled for fewer than 12 credits in a regular 16-week semester). Also, a student is considered to be a freshman if 30 or fewer credit hours have been earned, a sophomore if more than 30 but less than 60 credit hours have been earned but, a junior if the student has earned an associate degree and been admitted into a baccalaureate degree with less than 30 hours earned towards the baccalaureate degree and a senior if the student has earned an associate degree and been admitted into a baccalaureate degree with 30 hours or more earned towards the baccalaureate degree.