2017-2018 Catalog

State Authorization for Distance Learning

Effective for the summer term 2017, and therefore before summer registration begins, the College of Central Florida can no longer serve students who are taking online courses while residing out of the state of Florida in a US state or territory. This means you cannot live in any US state or territory outside of the state of Florida for the preponderance of the course for any reason and take an online course through CF. The U.S. Department of Education has specified that all colleges and universities offering distance education courses outside of their state must be authorized by each state in which they are offering courses. The U.S. D.O.E. released the following: “If an institution is offering postsecondary education through distance or correspondence education to students in a State in which it is not physically located or in which it is otherwise subject to State jurisdiction as determined by the State, the institution must meet any State requirements for it to be legally offering postsecondary distance or correspondence education in that State. An institution must be able to document the Secretary of the State’s approval upon request” (Chapter 34, § 600.0(c) Higher Education Opportunity Act).  CF is only authorized in Florida. If you have any questions about state authorization for distance education, please contact E-Learning at 352-854-2322, ext. 1317, or DLhelp@cf.edu.