2017-2018 Catalog

Health Services

Serious illness, accident or need of emergency medical attention should be reported immediately to the Public Safety Office at the Ocala Campus or the Administration office at the Citrus Campus. Use the nearest campus telephone and dial 854-2322, ext. 1261 at the Ocala Campus when an emergency arises, or call 911 (emergency number) if no response at ext. 1261. At the Citrus Campus, dial 911 if not near the Administration office when an emergency arises.

College of Central Florida, while having no obligation to do so, attempts to secure medical aid for students. No health facility is maintained on campus; however, several emergency facilities are located near the Ocala Campus. Students at the Ocala Campus are referred to one of these facilities unless they request otherwise. Citrus Campus students are referred to Citrus Memorial Hospital in Inverness unless they request otherwise in writing. Registration implies understanding of and consent for this procedure.

When applying, the student is asked to provide certain pertinent health information, and students with chronic health problems are advised to make their special needs known to the coordinator of Access and Counseling Services and security personnel at the Ocala Campus, or the Counseling Office at the Citrus Campus.