2017-2018 Catalog

Office of Student Life

Campus and Community Involvement

In support of the college goal to promote student learning and success, the Office of Student Life fosters the social, physical and educational well-being of students by providing opportunities and experiences for engagement at the college and in the community. Student engagement and development is accomplished by:

  • providing resources for individual development as well as for student clubs and organizations
  • fostering leadership development opportunities for students
  • providing opportunities for student and faculty interaction and learning through co-curricular events and services.

To find out how to get involved, stop by Student Life on each campus or call 291-4416.

Student Activities

Student clubs and organizations exist on campus to support the college goal of promoting student learning and success through the support from the Office of Student Life. CF student clubs and organizations give individuals a chance to pursue interests while developing new relationships and leadership skills. All clubs are open to any students enrolled at CF. All students may audition or interview for organizations, but selection is limited. If you don’t see something that you are interested in, inquire about starting your own club! Please check us out on the Web at CF.edu/studentlife.

Service Learning and Community Engagement Opportunities

Community Engagement and Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy, which integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen the community. For students it is also a perfect way to explore potential careers, network, enhance course learning and gain personal enrichment.

Offering a hand to a variety of organizations is a great way to engage in learning opportunities that teach the knowledge, understanding and competencies required for active participation within the community.

Many courses at CF offer Service Learning or course credit for getting involved. For more information on these and other volunteer opportunities look for the Service Learning Facebook page or go to the UpTo Calendar app for community projects and opportunities.