2017-2018 Catalog

OCE 1001 Introductory Oceanography

This course seeks to give the student an acquaintance with 71 percent of the planet we live on, and provides the student with an overview of the field of oceanography. Attention is paid to the sub-disciplines of geological, chemical, physical and biological oceanography. Upon completion, the student should have an understanding of the physical and biological dynamics in operation in that hidden world beneath the waves. This course is structured into four units. Unit One covers geological oceanography, including planet formation and plate tectonics, commonly known as continental drift. Unit Two introduces the student to sediment geology and chemical oceanography or, water chemistry, and examines the basics of physical oceanography, atmospheric dynamics and water circulation. Unit Three completes the study of physical oceanography, waves, tides and the physical dynamics of coastal regions. Unit Four covers marine habitats and the diversity of life found within our oceans. This course may be counted toward either biological or physical science credit.