2017-2018 Catalog

RTE 2834 Advanced Clinical Education IV

Clinical Education IV, the fourth in a series of courses providing students with opportunities to become competent in radiographic procedures includes: patient-technologist interaction providing patient care and comfort, performance of radiographic examinations, provide radiation protection, and critically evaluate radiographic quality. During this course students will continue to participate in a competency based clinical experience in ancillary areas and imaging technologies at various clinical agencies. Student participation focused on cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills in patient assessment and care, and observing/performing medical imaging procedures under direct/indirect supervision will occur. Concentration on the biliary tract and upper gastrointestinal system, lower gastrointestinal system, and genitourinary system, cranium, trauma and mobile, and surgical radiography is emphasized. Concentration on patient types (inclusive of geriatric and pediatric) is emphasized.




RTE 1824


RTE 2523 and RTE 2523L