2017-2018 Catalog

Transient Students

Students Who Are Admitted and Degree Seeking at the College of Central Florida and Attending a Host Institution (CF is Considered the Home Institution):

Transient students who wish to attend another Florida public institution for a particular term are eligible to receive financial aid from CF upon the following:

  • Student must be approved as a transient student with Advising and Records. Students may receive this approval by completing the transient application at https://www.floridashines.org/.
  • The Financial Aid Office will determine the students' eligibility and send the appropriate information to the Host institution.
  • If not already awarded, the student will be awarded for the upcoming term. Students are not eligible to receive institutional scholarships or miscellaneous loans as a transient student. In addition, some state aid may be limited for transient students. Students should plan to receive their federal aid only.
  • The Financial Aid Office begins processing disbursements approximately two weeks after the last day to drop with a refund when electronic confirmation of the student's attendance at the host institution is received via Florida Shines. Disbursements for students attending another institution may take at least an additional week.
  • Students are eligible to receive a book voucher against their aid if they are awarded and if transient approval is finalized prior to the bookstore charging dates established by CF. The book voucher is for the Barnes and Noble bookstore at CF only. Students should obtain the required book ISBN from their host institution and contact the CF bookstore to order the book. If the book is not in stock, it will take approximately one week for the order to be received.
  • Students are responsible for paying all tuition, fees and other charges at the host institution by the host institution's posted due date. CF will not forward any financial aid disbursements to another institution.
  • If there is any change in the students' enrollment status once financial aid has disbursed, the student must notify the CF Financial Aid Office. We will contact the host school for enrollment confirmation.
  • Return to Title IV policies apply for students that do not attend the course(s), do not satisfactorily complete the course(s), or are unable to produce a transcript from the host institution within 30 days after the end of the term.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring the transcript is sent from the host institution to CF. Failure to produce a transcript from the host institution at the end of the term will result in the suspension of future aid.

Students Who Are Transient Students at CF (CF is Considered the Host Institution):

Students coming to CF as a transient student from a Florida public institution should check with their home institution regarding eligibility for financial aid while attending CF.

CF will be notified of an approved transient student from the Home institution through https://www.floridashines.org/. In order for the student to receive financial aid at their home institution, the procedure is as follows:

  • Students complete the transient/ application process at https://www.floridashines.org/ as appropriate. The student may only register for courses that are approved on the home institution consortium agreement/ transient form.
  • Students need to make arrangements to pay their tuition and fees at CF by the fee payment due date.
  • At least one week after the last day to drop with a refund, the necessary enrollment and cost of attendance information will be electronically sent to the home institution.
  • Students should check with their home institution regarding the status of their financial aid disbursement.
  • If there is any change in a student’s enrollment status once financial aid has disbursed, the Home institution will be notified electronically.

The Financial Aid Office at CF will not enter in to a Consortium Agreement as the Home institution with any in-state private schools or out-of-state schools (public or private).