2017-2018 Catalog

Veterans Information

Students who are using their Veterans Affairs education benefits for the first time must activate their benefits with the VA. It is recommended that veterans and/or dependents apply using the VONAPP application at www.gibill.va.gov. Hard copies of VA education benefit applications may also be downloaded from this website, however, according to the VA regional processing office, the processing of the hard copy application will delay the receipt of benefits by approximately two to three months. CF strongly suggests utilization of the online application form. Computers are available for use in the Enrollment Services Center at each campus and the CF Student Life and Patriot Center (Bldg. 11) at the Ocala Campus. Students may also pick up a VA Certification instruction sheet in the CF Student Life and Patriot Center. This document provides detailed step-by-step instructions for application and use of VA educational benefits.

Allow a minimum of six to eight weeks for the VA application or any paperwork to be processed by the VA regional office from the time the paperwork is submitted by the veteran to the VA regional office.

Each chapter 30, 31, 33, 1606 or 1607 (active duty or reserve) veteran must also submit a copy of his/her DD-214 discharge papers to the Office of Admissions and Records to have HLP 1081 credits posted to his/her official CF transcript. By agreement between CF and the Veterans Affairs, each chapter 30, 31, 33, 1606 and 1607 veteran will receive HLP 1081 Personal Wellness credit with a grade of S. Note: Because of this agreement, Chapter 30, 31, 33, 1606 and 1607 students should NOT register for HLP 1081 because it is not covered by the GI Bill VA benefits. Chapter 35 (spouse/dependent) students are eligible to enroll in HLP 1081 at CF and this course is approved only for use by Chapter 35 VA benefit recipients.

Students who have previously used their benefits at another institution must file a VA Change of Program or Place of Training (form 22-1995) form prior to certification. These may be obtained in the CF Patriot Center for Veterans and should be returned to the VA office prior to enrollment certification.

After submission of the VA benefit application, it generally takes 60–90 days processing time by the VA regional office before a benefit check is received.

Veterans Application Process for VA Benefits

  1. Submit a Certificate of Eligibility, a VA form 22-1995, VA form 22-5495, or a VA-form 28-1905 to the VA Office in the CF Student Life and Veterans Center or the Financial Aid Office in the Bryant Student Union.
    1. The Certificate of Eligibility students should receive in the mail from the VA after completing the VONAPP (Veterans Online Application).  Students who have not received a Certificate of Eligibility after 3 months should call the VA directly at 888-442-4551. 
    2. VA form 22-1995 is used for Chapter 30, 33, 1606, and 1607 students that have collected benefits at other institutions.
    3. VA form 22-5495 is used for Chapter 35 students that have collected benefits at other constitutions.
    4. VA form 28-1905 is used for Chapter 31 students
  2. Register for classes and submit class schedule to the VA Office each semester. 
    1. As a veteran, you are able to register during the 40+ priority registration period. Priority registration dates are posted on the MyCF student portal as well as in the college calendar.
    2. CF will report to the VA only those classes which are required for your current program of study. Required courses are indicated on your schedule as "fundable" hours. Important: Veterans are STRONGLY encouraged to see an advisor to determine if they are taking courses that apply to the degree or program being sought at CF. ONLY THOSE COURSES THAT ARE REQUIRED FOR THE CURRENT DEGREE/PROGRAM WILL BE CERTIFIED TO THE VA. Independent study courses are certified as online (distance learning) courses. Veterans will be responsible for all fees of courses that do not apply.
    3. If you are in your last semester of enrollment before graduation, you may take courses that are not "fundable," however you must notify the VA office that you are graduating. Note: For veterans who are receiving Federal Financial Aid in addition to veteran’s benefits, courses that are not fundable will not count toward Federal Financial Aid eligibility.
Once the eligibility form and the schedule have been submitted, the CF VA Office will complete the rest of the certification process. If it is your first time using your benefits, it may take up to three months before you receive your first payment.

Pre-Certification of Coursework

This is a courtesy offered by CF in which a veteran can submit his or her schedule for the upcoming semester, and, the college will submit the information to the VA for early processing. VETERANS ARE STRONGLY URGED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS. 

How does this help the veteran?

  1. Initial processing of benefits by the VA for the first time user, can be slow. This will aid in the veteran having no more delay than necessary in receiving his or her benefits (housing or book stipend) they are eligible to receive.
  2. For returning veterans, this will ensure there are no breaks in receiving benefits due to delays of submitting the certification to the VA. 

Once a pre-certification has been processed, no changes in enrollment status or course type (on campus or distance learning) will be made until the final certification after the drop/add period has ended unless directly requested by the veteran.

IMPORTANT: CF has no influence or control over the expediency of processing times by the VA.

Responsibilities of Students Receiving VA Benefits

Students receiving VA benefits have the responsibility to:

  • Submit a copy of your course schedule to the VA Office each semester to complete the necessary paperwork to certify VA benefits.
  • Immediately report any changes to your term schedule to the VA office.
  • Verify your attendance monthly. Chapter 30, 1606 and 1607 need to verify attendance at the end of each month on VA WAVE (www.gibill.va.gov/wave/index.do) or call the attendance verification number, 888-823-2378.  Chapter 33 and 35 receive a check every month once they are certified and are not required to verify attendance. Chapter 35 NCD students are mailed a monthly verification form (VA Form 22-8979). 
  • Report a change of program of study. Chapters 30, 33, 1606, and 1607 are required to fill out and submit a VA form 22-1995 to the CF VA Office or Enrollment Services Center. Those who are Chapter 35 require a VA form 22-5495. 
  • Notify the DVA and the VA office of any change of address. Verify your enrollment with the Regional Processing Office by calling 1-877-823-2378 or by using W.A.V.E. (www.gibill.va.gov/wave/index.do)
  • Meet all other standards required by the VA to receive payments. Visit the CF VA Office for more information.

VA Deferments and Payment Policy

In accordance with Florida law and college policy, any eligible veteran or dependent wishing to pursue an approved program within the parameters of Chapter 30, 35, 1606 or 1607 will have, upon request, 60 days after the first day of classes to pay registration fees. Only ONE fee deferment per academic year is allowed. VA students are responsible for payment of all deferred fees by the due date regardless of whether or not they have received benefits from the VA.

Veteran and dependent students receiving a VA deferment will be expected to pay their tuition and fees by the date on their VA deferment contract. If the fees are not paid by the due date on the VA deferment contract, the following may occur:

  • The student may be barred from class attendance.
  • The student may be administratively withdrawn from current class enrollment and earn no grades or credits for the semester.
  • No grades, transcripts or other academic records will be issued from the Office of Admissions and Records.
  • The student’s VA benefits will be terminated along with current semester enrollment and reported to the VA. This will result in an overpayment status with the Veteran’s Administration, and any received VA funds may need to be returned to the VA.
  • The student will be in a repayment status to CF and be held responsible for tuition and fees owed even if the student earns no credit for their semester.
  • The student will be barred from future registration until fees are paid.
  • If fees remain unpaid, the student’s account will be turned over for collection.
  • The student will forfeit eligibility to receive any future VA deferments while attending CF.

Under Public Law 94.502, veterans cannot be certified to the VA by CF in any program in which Chapter 30 and Chapter 35 VA recipients comprise more than 85 percent of the enrollment in the program. Chapter 35 VA students are included in the 85:15 percent ratio computation; however, they can be certified to the VA in any approved program, regardless of the percentage of veterans in that program.

Payment Policy

Many veterans receive additional types of aid other than VA benefits, such as a Federal Pell grant or Federal Direct Student Loans. Since final coursework certification is not submitted until after the drop/add period has ended, tuition payment from the VA may not have been received by the college at the time of disbursement of the additional aid. CF's policy is to deduct payments owed to the college from the funds that are available at the time of disbursement. Once the VA has submitted tuition payment to the college on the veteran's behalf, those funds, less any tuition or fees still owed to CF, will be disbursed to the student.

VA Standards of Progress

A student receiving veteran's educational benefits is required to make satisfactory academic progress by meeting or exceeding the same minimum academic standards of progress required of other CF students. Please refer to the Academic Information Section of the catalog for information on Academic Warning, Probation, Suspension. If these standards are not met, the college will request that the VA suspend educational benefits. Students not meeting standards for satisfactory progress will be so notified by the college Enrollment Services Office. This provision may be waived if there is a VA finding of mitigating or extenuating circumstances. Reinstatement for benefits will be made only if evidence indicates that improvement in academic performance may be expected.

Courses for which a grade of "W" is given are not included in determination of satisfactory progress, but such grades may results in an overpayment of benefits. The Department of Veteran Affairs will recalculate benefits from the beginning of the term when the "W" creates a change in benefit status. In such cases, the DVA requests a refund or adjustment unless the student shows mitigating circumstances which the DVA finds satisfactory. 

VA Withdrawals

The college is required to notify the VA of changes in enrollment after the drop/add period has ended. Withdrawals will be reported as a reduction in certified credit hours with an effective date of the last date of attendance of the course(s). This may affect a veteran's benefits (housing/book allowance) in future semesters. Also, if the student has received benefits that are not yet earned due to the change in enrollment status, the VA may request a refund of those unearned funds.

Only courses that apply to the current degree or program will be certified to the VA. Minimum training time requirements for veterans are listed below.

Time Requirements


Each term (A, B, C) within the fall and spring semesters is treated separately for the purpose of benefit payments from the VA.


Term A Term B Term C
Only Only Only
Full time 6 6 12+ credit hours
3/4 time 5 5 9 credit hours
1/2 time 3* 3* 6* credit hours

*Students receiving chapter 31 or 33 VA benefits must attend 51 percent or greater rate of pursuit to be eligible for VA housing allowance. For Term A and Term B, 51 percent of more is a minimum of 4 credit hours. For Term C, 51 percent or more is 7 credit hours. Further, chapter 31 or 33 VA students must take a minimum of one on-campus course to receive the local housing allowance rate.


Each term (A, B, C) within the summer semester is treated separately for the purpose of benefit payments from the VA.


Term A Term B Term C
Only Only Only
Full time 4 4 9+ credit hours
3/4 time 3 3 7 credit hours
1/2 time 2* 2* 5* credit hours

*Students receiving chapter 31 or 33 benefits must attend 51 percent or greater rate of pursuit to be eligible for VA housing allowance. For Term A and Term B, 51 percent or more is a minimum of 3 credit hours. For Term C, 51 percent or more is 5 credit hours. Further, chapter 31 or 33 VA students must take a minimum of one on-campus course to receive the local housing allowance rate.

Baccalaureate Students

Each term (A and B) within the semester is treated separately for the purpose of benefit payments from the VA.


Term A Term B
Only Only
Full time 6 6 credit hours
3/4 time 4 4 credit hours
1/2 time 3* 3* credit hours

*Students receiving chapter 31 or 33 benefits must attend 51 percent of greater rate of pursuit to be eligible for VA housing allowance. For Term A and Term B, 51 percent or more is a minimum of 4 credit hours. Further, chapter 31 or 33 VA students must take a minimum of one on-campus course to receive the local housing allowance rate.

To determine the enrollment status for students attending a combination of terms, add the credit hours together. This total will be the student's enrollment status for the duration of the combination of terms.

Example for fall/spring semesters:

A term = attending 3 credit hours

C term = attending 6 credit hours

The student will be enrolled at 3/4 time until the end of the A term. The student will then be considered  in 1/2 time enrollment until the end of the C term UNLESS the student enrolls in another course for the B term. Students should contact the CF Veterans Office with questions regarding less than half time or other enrollment variations.

Other Time Requirement Considerations:

  • For students who are receiving Post 9-11 educational benefits, a course load of ALL online and/or hybrid classes may impact housing benefits. Contact the CF Veterans Office for more information.
  • Any enrollment break of 30 or more days could result in an interruption of benefits.

Return of Unearned Tuition Assistance Funds

In accordance with DoDI 1322.25 requirements, CF will return any unearned tuition assistance (TA) funds on a proportional basis. TA funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned based on when a student stops attending. The military service that provided the applicable TA will be refunded in accordance with the schedule that follows for a standard 16-week college term:

Days Registered | Proportional Refund of TA Funds

0 to 7 days | 100 percent

8 to 28 days |75 percent

29 to 56 days | 50 percent

57 to 112 days | 0 percent

Unsatisfactory Attendance in Vocational Programs

Students receiving VA benefits while attending vocational programs will be monitored on a weekly basis for attendance. The VA will be notified of unsatisfactory attendance at the point during a semester that a veteran student enrolled in a vocational program accumulates three unexcused absences. The student may not be recertified for veteran benefits for a subsequent semester until 30 days of satisfactory attendance (no more than two unexcused absences in the 30-day period) has elapsed. Any veteran student in a vocational program who is terminated from receiving VA educational benefits will be notified in writing by CF.

Congressman C. W. Bill Young Veteran Tuition Waiver Program

The Congressman C.W. Bill Young Veteran Tuition Waiver Program (F.S., s. 1009.26 (12)(a)) is a program that requires a state university, Florida College System institution, or career center to waive out-of-state fees for an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, the U.S. Reserve Forces or the National Guard who physically resides in Florida while enrolled in the institution. The waiver will cover the applicable portion of the fees up to 110 percent of the required credit hours for the degree or certificate program in which the student is enrolled.

Further information about the Congressman C.W. Bill Young Veteran Tuition Waiver Program is available at www.cf.edu/veterans.