2017-2018 Catalog

VA Deferments and Payment Policy

In accordance with Florida law and college policy, any eligible veteran or dependent wishing to pursue an approved program within the parameters of Chapter 30, 35, 1606 or 1607 will have, upon request, 60 days after the first day of classes to pay registration fees. Only ONE fee deferment per academic year is allowed. VA students are responsible for payment of all deferred fees by the due date regardless of whether or not they have received benefits from the VA.

Veteran and dependent students receiving a VA deferment will be expected to pay their tuition and fees by the date on their VA deferment contract. If the fees are not paid by the due date on the VA deferment contract, the following may occur:

  • The student may be barred from class attendance.
  • The student may be administratively withdrawn from current class enrollment and earn no grades or credits for the semester.
  • No grades, transcripts or other academic records will be issued from the Office of Admissions and Records.
  • The student’s VA benefits will be terminated along with current semester enrollment and reported to the VA. This will result in an overpayment status with the Veteran’s Administration, and any received VA funds may need to be returned to the VA.
  • The student will be in a repayment status to CF and be held responsible for tuition and fees owed even if the student earns no credit for their semester.
  • The student will be barred from future registration until fees are paid.
  • If fees remain unpaid, the student’s account will be turned over for collection.
  • The student will forfeit eligibility to receive any future VA deferments while attending CF.

Under Public Law 94.502, veterans cannot be certified to the VA by CF in any program in which Chapter 30 and Chapter 35 VA recipients comprise more than 85 percent of the enrollment in the program. Chapter 35 VA students are included in the 85:15 percent ratio computation; however, they can be certified to the VA in any approved program, regardless of the percentage of veterans in that program.

Payment Policy

Many veterans receive additional types of aid other than VA benefits, such as a Federal Pell grant or Federal Direct Student Loans. Since final coursework certification is not submitted until after the drop/add period has ended, tuition payment from the VA may not have been received by the college at the time of disbursement of the additional aid. CF's policy is to deduct payments owed to the college from the funds that are available at the time of disbursement. Once the VA has submitted tuition payment to the college on the veteran's behalf, those funds, less any tuition or fees still owed to CF, will be disbursed to the student.