2017-2018 Catalog

VA Standards of Progress

A student receiving veteran's educational benefits is required to make satisfactory academic progress by meeting or exceeding the same minimum academic standards of progress required of other CF students. Please refer to the Academic Information Section of the catalog for information on Academic Warning, Probation, Suspension. If these standards are not met, the college will request that the VA suspend educational benefits. Students not meeting standards for satisfactory progress will be so notified by the college Enrollment Services Office. This provision may be waived if there is a VA finding of mitigating or extenuating circumstances. Reinstatement for benefits will be made only if evidence indicates that improvement in academic performance may be expected.

Courses for which a grade of "W" is given are not included in determination of satisfactory progress, but such grades may results in an overpayment of benefits. The Department of Veteran Affairs will recalculate benefits from the beginning of the term when the "W" creates a change in benefit status. In such cases, the DVA requests a refund or adjustment unless the student shows mitigating circumstances which the DVA finds satisfactory.