2017-2018 Catalog

Veterans Application Process for VA Benefits

  1. Submit a Certificate of Eligibility, a VA form 22-1995, VA form 22-5495, or a VA-form 28-1905 to the VA Office in the CF Student Life and Veterans Center or the Financial Aid Office in the Bryant Student Union.
    1. The Certificate of Eligibility students should receive in the mail from the VA after completing the VONAPP (Veterans Online Application).  Students who have not received a Certificate of Eligibility after 3 months should call the VA directly at 888-442-4551. 
    2. VA form 22-1995 is used for Chapter 30, 33, 1606, and 1607 students that have collected benefits at other institutions.
    3. VA form 22-5495 is used for Chapter 35 students that have collected benefits at other constitutions.
    4. VA form 28-1905 is used for Chapter 31 students
  2. Register for classes and submit class schedule to the VA Office each semester. 
    1. As a veteran, you are able to register during the 40+ priority registration period. Priority registration dates are posted on the MyCF student portal as well as in the college calendar.
    2. CF will report to the VA only those classes which are required for your current program of study. Required courses are indicated on your schedule as "fundable" hours. Important: Veterans are STRONGLY encouraged to see an advisor to determine if they are taking courses that apply to the degree or program being sought at CF. ONLY THOSE COURSES THAT ARE REQUIRED FOR THE CURRENT DEGREE/PROGRAM WILL BE CERTIFIED TO THE VA. Independent study courses are certified as online (distance learning) courses. Veterans will be responsible for all fees of courses that do not apply.
    3. If you are in your last semester of enrollment before graduation, you may take courses that are not "fundable," however you must notify the VA office that you are graduating. Note: For veterans who are receiving Federal Financial Aid in addition to veteran’s benefits, courses that are not fundable will not count toward Federal Financial Aid eligibility.
Once the eligibility form and the schedule have been submitted, the CF VA Office will complete the rest of the certification process. If it is your first time using your benefits, it may take up to three months before you receive your first payment.