2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Admission of Convicted Felons with Violent Criminal History, Sexual Offenders, Sexual Predators

The college currently requires criminal background information through the regular admissions process. Additionally, local law enforcement agencies frequently notify the college that a convicted felon with a violent criminal history is enrolled or is planning to enroll at the college.

If the individual is classified as a convicted felon with a violent criminal history or a sexual offender and has applied or is already in attendance the individual will be notified, directed to provide specific documents relating to his/her felony(s), and meet with the Special Admissions Committee. The SAC will determine if the individual is allowed to attend college and conditions under which that attendance is granted. An individual classified as a sexual predator will not be admitted to the college. Further details on this process and conditions, and committee membership may be found in the CF Administrative Procedures, Policy 7.00.

Each term the offender is enrolled, the chief student affairs officer (CSAO) or designee will notify each instructor in whose course the offender is enrolled, each employee supervising an activity in which the offender participates, and each employee who, in the opinion of the CSAO or designee, has a need to know of the offender’s presence and of the opportunity to seek additional details on the nature of the sexual offense by personal consultation with CSAO or designee.

Procedure for Policy 7.0