2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Posting Schedules

Schedules showing classes and office hours must be posted by teaching faculty each semester. The schedules must be maintained and will be subject to state audit.

The door schedule form with instructions is found on the intranet under Forms/Faculty/Student Specific/Faculty Door Schedule (see http://inside.cf.edu). By the end of the first week of each semester, current schedules showing classes and office hours must be posted on the faculty member's office door and a copy of that schedule given to the division office. This is to be completed during the first week of each semester. Unless an exception to the posted schedule is authorized by the instructional supervisor, all class, office and work hours must be adhered to as officially scheduled.

Should there be necessity to temporarily deviate from the posted door schedule, these steps must be followed:

  1. Give notice to the department/division office or the instructional supervisor.
  2. Post a note on the instructor’s office door explaining any absence during office hours.

Faculty members whose circumstances require they miss class or are not available during posted office hours are required to make proper arrangements with the department/division office or appropriate instructional supervisor prior to the absence.