2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Other Professional Responsibilities

Other professional responsibilities of teaching faculty will be routinely reported as part of the annual performance review process. The amount of time devoted to categories other than classroom teaching (professional development, college service, service to students, public service) will vary depending on the needs of the college and the strengths and interest of the faculty member, but it is generally expected that full-time teaching faculty will be involved in college-related activities for 10 hours per week. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, curricular and course development, committee meetings, course preparation, grading assignments, department meetings, mentoring students and advising clubs and organizations, among others.

Faculty are required to keep virtual office hours for online courses. Generally speaking, a three-credit online course requires no more than two virtual office hours per week. The door schedule must indicate the virtual office hours.

Workdays for teaching faculty are published annually in the academic calendar, which is approved by the District Board of Trustees.

During a seven-day week, 168-day full-time faculty members are required to work a minimum of 35 hours, which includes 15 classroom contact hours, 10 posted office hours during which the faculty member is available to students, and 10 hours for other professional activities. For each additional three-hour course added to the regular teaching schedule, one additional office hour per week is required.

Faculty members who work 220-days are required to work an additional 21 hours: 9 classroom contact hours, 6 posted office hours, and 6 hours for other professional activities.