2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Performance Reviews

Faculty performance reviews are completed by the instructional supervisor or appropriate administrator. Faculty on continuing contract are reviewed biannually. All other faculty are reviewed annually. The evaluation instrument highlights areas of strength and weakness. There is also an area that provides the instructor a strategy for improvement. Additionally, as part of the review process, the instructor prepares and evaluates his/her own Professional Development Plan as it relates to the role and responsibilities of the faculty. The instructional supervisor or appropriate administrator will review the PDP with the instructor who will be asked to sign the plan. The instructor’s signature acknowledges discussion of the plan. Upon request, a copy of the review form will be provided to the instructor. The PDP will be utilized, along with Faculty Review form to assure faculty progress. The PDP, when completed and approved by the vice president for Academic Affairs, will be filed in the Human Resources Office.

Professional Development Plan

Each full-time instructor is expected to complete the Professional Development Plan prior to the review conference with the instructional supervisor. The instructor is asked to develop the plan using the five areas of responsibility identified in the Role and Responsibilities of Faculty. The PDP is completed annually by annual contract faculty and biannually by continuing contract faculty. The process requires two documents: one for the goals of the upcoming year and the second reflecting outcomes from the prior year. Outcomes are NOT completed at the time the plan is developed. Additionally, the instructor is asked to critique the student evaluations and comment on progress toward meeting the stated goals of the previous year. The PDP will be filed in the Human Resources Office (http://inside.cf.edu/forms/pdp_form.pdf).

Course and Student Evaluation

It is the policy of the College of Central Florida that all full-time and part-time instructors be evaluated by the students enrolled in their classes. Student review of annual and continuing contract faculty is completed online through the student portal. The evaluation instrument, identified and approved by the Faculty Senate, is used collegewide for the formal student and course evaluation process. The results of these evaluations are used as part of the instructor performance review. These evaluations provide instructors with student comments that may aid in the process of course and self-review. They also serve to help faculty and administrators improve the instructional process based on students' perceptions of effective instructional methods and subject matter. Faculty must give students the opportunity to evaluate their courses each semester utilizing the evaluation instrument by instructing students how to find the instrument online and providing them with the dates that the evaluation instrument is available to them. Once the evaluation period is closed, the results for each faculty member are available to the faculty member via his or her individual web portal. See Appendix C.

Promotion in Rank

The system of professional rank for full-time continuing contract faculty recognizes and rewards faculty, as they progress through their careers, for increasing effectiveness in promoting student learning. The professional rank system also encourages increasing effectiveness in the areas of teaching, professional development, college service, service to students and public service. The college recognizes the following professorial ranks: instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor and senior professor. For further information, please refer to "Procedures for the Development and Submission of a Portfolio to Support Promotion in Rank" (http://inside.cf.edu/manuals/PortfolioDevProcSupPromotionRank.pdf). See Appendix F.

Professor Emeritus

The professor emeritus rank, which became effective during the 2005-2006 year and is not retroactive, is awarded during the last semester of employment prior to retirement from the college and becomes effective upon retirement. This rank is honorary and is not included as part of the faculty salary schedule and does not follow salaried faculty promotion in rank procedures. It carries no additional financial compensation, but is intended to be an honorary rank that recognizes professional and professorial excellence achieved by the recipient during his or her tenure at CF. Faculty may not apply for this rank. Candidates for the rank of professor emeritus must be nominated by members of their department in accordance with established procedures.

Policy Manual, Rule 6.08