2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Disability Services - Procedures

Disability Services - Confidentiality

It is essential that information about disability status be kept confidential. At no time should the class be informed that a student has a disability, except at the student’s request. All information that a student gives to the faculty member is to be used specifically for arranging reasonable accommodations for the course of study. We recommend that students bring the Faculty Accommodation Notice to faculty during office hours or by special appointment. At that time, arrangement of accommodations can be discussed in private.

Disability Services - Note-taker Accommodations

Some students are eligible for a Note-Taker accommodation; instructors will be notified by the Disability Services office that an employee of Disability Services will accompany the student to provide the note-taking accommodation.

Disability Services - Tests, Quizzes, and In-class Assignments Accommodations

Advance planning is essential for testing, quizzes, and in-class assignments accommodations -- more than 300 students with disabilities receive accommodations each semester. At the beginning of the semester (and/or as early as possible) students and faculty should discuss arrangements for accommodations. It is recommended that students bring their syllabus to Disability Services and make arrangements as far in advance as possible. Accommodations include, but are not limited to: extended time, low-distraction or private space, scribes, and adaptive technology.

Disability Services - Receiving a Request for Accommodations

Disability Services instructs students to make arrangements to meet with their faculty during the faculty member’s office hour to discuss their eligibility for accommodations. Disability Services emails faculty a Faculty Accommodation Notice (FAN) that provides detailed information related to a student’s accommodations. Faculty of deaf/hard of hearing students will be sent information prior to the start of the semester about the interpreter and other deaf issues. If you have any questions about the accommodations, contact the director of Disability Services (colleliv@cf.edu or Ext. 1580). Students requesting accommodations without a FAN or eligibility letter should be referred to Disability Services. In some instances, faculty members sometimes contact Disability Services regarding students they feel might benefit from additional support or resources; Disability Services staff can provide assistance/referrals.