2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

When Should I Register for the Next Semester?

  1. Registration is conducted by a process called Priority Registration. Those students who have earned hours may register ahead of those who have no earned hours or who have less earned hours.  

  2. This process provides opportunities for those students who are closer to graduation to enroll in classes before students with fewer number of earned credit hours. This ensures that students have an opportunity to register for the courses they need to be able to graduate on time before the courses are filled.

  3. The enrollment process for the next semester begins EARLY in the current semester. It is important that you know your priority registration date and have your course choices planned out prior to that date.

If you are unsure of what courses to enroll in or how to use the online registration system, it is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment with your academic advisor EARLY in the current semester.

It is important that you register for the upcoming semester courses as soon as your Priority Registration date opens in order to get the CORRECT courses and scheduled times that you will need for your degree and major.