2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Bomb Threats/Emergencies

A bomb threat exists when a suspected bomb or explosive device has been reported but not located. An emergency exists if the bomb has been located or if an explosion has occurred. Guidelines are shown below for each of these situations.

Bomb Threat

  • Try to solicit information from caller making threat.

  • Receiver of call should immediately notify Public Safety at Ocala Campus or chief campus administrator in Levy/Citrus.

  • Use the bomb threat checklist if possible.

  • Public Safety will notify local police/fire departments.

  • The Critical Incident Team commander or a designated administrator will order evacuation if necessary.

  • Do not touch any suspicious item; report it immediately to proper authorities.

Bomb Emergency

  • Immediately call Public Safety and/or 911; do not panic.

  • Follow all evacuation procedures described herein.

  • All persons should withdraw a minimum of 300 feet from any explosive device.