2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Appendix H - Department Chair Responsibilities

Department Chair Responsibilities

  1. The length of term for a department chair will be four years.

  2. A department chair may succeed himself/herself for one one-year term.

  3. Terms will be staggered to assure continuity.

  4. Departmental selection for a new department chair for the following academic year will take place during fall semester so that the future chair can shadow the current chair during spring semester.

Department Chairs - Current Chairs

2017-2018 Academic Year



Service Ends

Academic Foundations – Marguerite Jones

August 2013

August 2017

Communications – Jean Scheppers

August 2015

August 2019

Humanities/Social Sciences – Darrell Riley

August 2014

August 2018

Mathematics – Evan Yates

August 2017

August 2021

Science – Dr. Andrew Thompson

August 2016

August 2020

Department Chair Schedule for Services

The length of term for a department chair will be four years.



 Academic Foundations Fall 2016  Spring 2017  August 2017
 Communications Fall 2014   Spring 2015  August 2015
 Humanities/Social Sciences Fall 2017  Spring 2018  August 2018
 Mathematics Fall 2016  Spring 2017  August 2017
 Science Fall 2015  Spring 2016  August 2016

Department Chair Criteria for Nomination

  1. Be on continuing contract status when department chair service begins.

  2. Has served as a faculty role model by participating in the five areas defined as the Role and Responsibility of Faculty (teaching, professional development, college service, service to students, and public service).

  3. Be willing to perform the responsibilities noted below.

  4. Be able to attend Liberal Arts and Sciences and Learning Response Team meetings (three to four meetings/semester).

  5. Be willing and able to shadow the current department chair for a semester before assuming the position.

Department Chair Selection

  1. All faculty are encouraged to serve as a department chair.

  2. The current department chair will seek a minimum of two nominations from the departmental faculty.

  3. Nominees will be interviewed by the current department chair and the appropriate instructional supervisor.

  4. Recommendations will be made to the vice president for Academic Affairs (VPAA).

  5. The VPAA will interview the recommended candidates and submit a recommendation with the president.

  6. Once approved, the VPAA will notify the selected faculty member and the current department chair.

Department Chair Reassigned Time

  1. Department chairs will receive six semester hours of reassigned time during each of the fall and spring semesters (i.e., a total of 12 credits per year).

  2. Department chairs should assume no more than one teaching overload without prior approval of the VPAA.

  3. Department chairs may be assigned to work during the summer term, on an as-needed basis, at their daily rate of pay (typically five days). This compensation will be recommended by the VPAA and approved by the president.

Department Chair College Responsibilities

  1. Possess knowledge of college policies, procedures and organizational charts.

  2. Implement college policies and procedures using best judgment on each matter.

  3. Advise instructional supervisor or VPAA on matters of major importance concerning the college.

  4. Advise instructional supervisor of the need for specific equipment purchases and or capital expenditures.

  5. Budget: Ensure proper accountability for money, supplies, and equipment allocated to the department.

Department Chair Signature Responsibilities

  1. Payroll certifiers

  2. Leave requests

  3. Notify Human Resources after three consecutive days missed (FMLA).

  4. Door schedule review and approval prior to sending to the instructional supervisor

  5. Budget: Annual departmental budget request

  6. Budget: Approval for departmental expenditures of operating expenses.

Department Chair Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Inform appropriate instructional supervisor of faculty and staff needs

  2. Submit paperwork for vacant positions to appropriate instructional supervisor

  3. Review adjunct transcripts and applications (online)

  4. Interview adjunct candidates and hire on a semester-by-semester basis

  5. Orient new faculty and staff or designate faculty mentor(s) to work with new faculty, including adjuncts

  6. Participate in academic committees/task forces as assigned

  7. Lead the development and implementation of Learning Outcomes assessment tools

  8. Participate and facilitate faculty participation in student retention/completion efforts

  9. Facilitate the completion of departmental program reviews (three-year cycle) and monitor progress on established short and long term departmental goals.

Department Chair and Faculty/Staff

  1. Supervise the instructional program of the department including:

    1. Preparation of course schedules, including classroom assignments, in conjunction with the campus dean of instruction and the provost for courses scheduled on the Citrus Campus and Levy Center

    2. Assignment of faculty workloads

    3. Review of finalized schedule prior to student registration.

  2. Assign workload and supervise student and staff assistants (and coordinators, if applicable).

  3. Ensure adjunct faculty observations are completed and evaluate staff performance and encourage appropriate professional development.

  4. Review new faculty members’ syllabi for at least one of their courses.

  5. Review full-time faculty performance when appropriate and encourage professional development.

  6. Work with the appropriate instructional supervisor to complete evaluative checklists for faculty seeking continuing contract or promotion.

  7. Assist in the resolution of faculty/staff issues.

  8. Communicate with and lead the faculty on all campuses regarding:

    1. Curriculum and professional development initiatives

    2. Goals of the college and department

    3. Proposed changes in department curriculum

    4. Periodic review of department curriculum and teaching resources and textbooks.

Department Chair Participation in Meetings or Planning

  1. Chair the departmental meeting (at least one per month, fall and spring semesters). Include faculty on all campuses.

  2. Attend division meetings (at least one per semester).

  3. Attend Learning Response Team Meetings (at least one per semester).

  4. Attend Liberal Arts and Sciences Academic Leadership Team Meetings (as needed).

  5. Participate in Faculty Planning Days.

Department Chair Student/Community Relations

  1. Assist in the resolution of faculty/staff and student interpersonal and instruction-related issues.

  2. Advise or counsel students as needed.

  3. Represent the department in matters of community relations as appropriate.

  4. Assist the instructional supervisor in the grade appeal process and with academic integrity issues.