2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Department Chair and Faculty/Staff

  1. Supervise the instructional program of the department including:

    1. Preparation of course schedules, including classroom assignments, in conjunction with the campus dean of instruction and the provost for courses scheduled on the Citrus Campus and Levy Center

    2. Assignment of faculty workloads

    3. Review of finalized schedule prior to student registration.

  2. Assign workload and supervise student and staff assistants (and coordinators, if applicable).

  3. Ensure adjunct faculty observations are completed and evaluate staff performance and encourage appropriate professional development.

  4. Review new faculty members’ syllabi for at least one of their courses.

  5. Review full-time faculty performance when appropriate and encourage professional development.

  6. Work with the appropriate instructional supervisor to complete evaluative checklists for faculty seeking continuing contract or promotion.

  7. Assist in the resolution of faculty/staff issues.

  8. Communicate with and lead the faculty on all campuses regarding:

    1. Curriculum and professional development initiatives

    2. Goals of the college and department

    3. Proposed changes in department curriculum

    4. Periodic review of department curriculum and teaching resources and textbooks.