2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Appendix I - Program Manager Duties/ Responsibilities

Program Manager - Students

  1. Communicate with students concerning program, course offerings and curriculum changes

  2. Communicate with students who are not currently enrolled in classes

  3. Review transfer student records

  4. Approve course substitutions

  5. Meet with students as needed

  6. Identify students' progress toward program certificates.

Program Manager - Program Curriculum

  1. Oversee curriculum

  2. Research and prepare curriculum changes as needed to meet state requirements, certification requirements, and community needs.

  3. Submit and present curriculum changes to curriculum committee

  4. Communicate with faculty on updating course numbering

  5. Serve as liaison with bookstore personnel on book orders and issues related to the program.

Program Manager - Program Review

  1. Prepare Program Report

  2. Present Program Review to President's Staff

  3. Implement Objectives

  4. Be responsible for reporting progress of objectives.

Program Manager - Advisory Committee Meetings

  1. Identify/recruit advisory committee members

  2. Facilitate advisory committee meetings at least once each semester, including agenda items and minutes.

Program Manager - Recruitment, Retention and Completion

  1. Contact students (Program Concentrators) on retention and completion of their A.S. or Certificate programs

  2. Encourage students to acquire industry certifications.

Program Manager - Learning Outcomes

  1. In addition to course and institutional student learning outcomes, program managers facilitate and document Perkins-related Performance Measures and Learning Outcomes

  2. Facilitate course-level learning outcomes

  3. Facilitate program-level learning outcomes

  4. Facilitate college-wide learning outcomes

  5. Maintain documentation of learning outcomes using WEAVE.

Program Manager - Maintain Program Information

Update program information (course offerings, industry certifications, etc.) in/on the following:

  1. Catalog

  2. Website

  3. Flyers

Program Manager - Scheduling

  1. Coordinate with other campuses on course/faculty needs

  2. Schedule program courses for all instructors/adjuncts.

Program Manager - E-Learning

  1. Identify appropriate classes for e-Learning

  2. Continually evaluate e-Learning classes to ensure appropriate delivery methodology.

  3. Send new faculty, including adjuncts, to e-Learning for training on quality course design and LMS training before the faculty member teaches and/or creates a new online or hybrid course.

Program Manager - Adjunct Oversight

  1. Recruit adjuncts

  2. Assist adjuncts with classroom management and course preparation/material

  3. Conduct Adjunct Performance Observations and review student evaluations.

Program Manager - Lab Resources

  1. Coordinate with adjunct and full-time faculty to identify hardware and software needs

  2. Coordinate with computer services to ensure labs have appropriate hardware and software needed.