2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

First and Last Week of Classes

First Week of Class

Look for an email notification after the add/drop period (approximately the fifth day of the semester) to:

  1. print out latest class roster (see Access to Schedule, Class List (Class Roster), and Grade Entry)
  2. complete Attendance Verification (see Role and Responsibility of Teaching Faculty section).

Give the department staff assistant a copy of your syllabus and door schedule:

  1. syllabus (see Appendix B on page 82 or http://inside.cf.edu/forms/faculty.htm for a syllabus template)
  2. faculty door schedule (http://inside.cf.edu/forms/faculty.htm).

Check your box on a regular basis for communication from staff and students. The department staff assistant will show you where your mailbox is located.

Last Week of Class

  • Submit final grades by the due date on the Academic Calendar. See Calendars at http://inside.cf.edu/.
  • See Posting/Submitting Final Grades.
  • Give the grade “book” and attendance record to staff assistant.