2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Travel/Professional Development

See Procedures, Travel. You may apply for funding of professional conferences and other kinds of professional travel activities. Requests are evaluated by the Teaching and Learning Institute coordinator.

  1. Faculty currently under contract with CF may apply. All travel must be documented and approved in advance. All forms must be turned in at least three weeks prior to departure.
  2. Adjunct faculty must have taught at CF for at least four semesters (excluding current term). Amount of travel approved will be based on number of classes taught in the past two years at $100 per class, not to exceed $1,000 per trip or $1,000 per adjunct faculty member per year.
  3. To receive travel reimbursement, faculty must submit, within two weeks of return, a follow-up review that outlines the intended evaluation activity to include:
    • brief written review of the conference/workshop/program to be published in “Directions,” the Teaching and Learning Institute journal
    • presentations to colleagues at formal meetings (in-service workshops)
    • informal sharing with colleagues at division/department meetings.