2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Instructions for Submitting Attendance

  1. At http://inside.cf.edu click on myCF.

  2. Login using CF ID number and password.

  3. Click on the Faculty tab.

  4. See the Attendance, Class Lists and Authorization heading.

  5. Click on Faculty Schedule & Attendance Verification.

  6. You will now see all the classes assigned to you. Look to the far right of each class to see a button labeled Attend. Click on it.

  7. A list of your students in that particular class will appear with a drop down box next to each stating Has Attended. If you have a student who has not attended, click the down arrow next to Has Attended and click on Not Attended. NOTE: You only change the students who have not attended.

  8. Once done, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Submit Absent Info. Please note the comment to the left of the button will change from Attendance has not been submitted to Attendance has been submitted.

  9. You also can go back at a later date and update by following the same steps.


  1. Once a student has attended your class at least one time, and you have reported this student as attending, please DO NOT change your report for that student, even if the student never attends class again.

  2. However, if a student begins attending the class after you have submitted the verification, please access the system and change the student's status to "attending." Do not send an email to the Office of Financial Aid.

  3. Student financial aid is not disbursed until Attendance Verification is submitted! Please submit verification promptly by the due date.

For an instructional video for attendance reporting, see mms://videosrv.cf.edu/attendance verification 2.