2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Early Alert Referral Program

CF's Early Alert Referral Program was developed to assist in the overall effort to identify students not making satisfactory progress and/or exhibiting behaviors that may lead to academic or behavioral difficulties. As part of our collaborative retention efforts, this online referral system was developed to link instructional faculty with the Office of Student Services. Once a student is identified, the staff from the Office of Student Services/Office of Retention and Student Success will contact and work with the student in an effort to increase their chances of becoming academically successful at CF.

Faculty and staff can access the Early Alert referral form from CF.edu/go/assistance.

Here are some reasons for a faculty or staff referral:

  • attending class, but not making satisfactory progress
  • class disruption, disrespect, etc.
  • consistently late to class
  • continually submits sub-standard work
  • failure to turn in assignments
  • high rate of absenteeism
  • low test/quiz performance
  • missed tests, quizzes, or major examinations
  • not participating in class
  • student language barriers
  • personal

Students can also self-refer if they are having difficulty in a class or difficulty adjusting to college in general. Students may self-refer either by submitting a form, by visiting the Office of Student Services/Office of Retention and Student Success in the Bryant Student Union, Room 205, or by calling 854-2322, ext. 1362, for an appointment.

Early Alert Referral Form

To locate the Early Alert Referral Form, log into MyCF and click the faculty tab. Scroll down to Early Alert Referral Program and click on Early Alert Referral Form.