2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Grade Appeal Process Guidelines

Any student wishing to appeal a final course grade must follow, in consecutive order, the steps (levels) shown below:

Level I A student who believes a course grade has been awarded unfairly or in error must discuss the concern with the instructor within 30 calendar days from the time the grade is awarded. (Note: In the event the instructor is not available within 30 days after the grade is awarded, the student may notify the instructor’s supervisor within the 30-day period.)
Level II If the matter cannot be resolved between the instructor and the student, the student may request a meeting with the instructor’s supervisor to initiate a written appeal (i.e., submit a Grade Appeal Form).
Level III In the event the student is not satisfied at the Level II decision, the student has the right to present the concern to the chief academic officer. If the student wishes to exercise this right, then within five working days after receipt of the written Level II decision, the student must deliver a copy of the Grade Appeal Form with the appropriate documentation and a copy of the written Level II decision to the vice president for Academic Affairs.
Within 10 working days from receipt of the Grade Appeal, the VPAA will determine if further review is warranted. If the VPAA determines that it is not, he/she will render a final written decision to the student. If the VPAA determines that further review is warranted, he/she will ask the college president to convene a Grade Appeals Committee.
The committee will make its decision based on the Grade Appeals Form and the attached documentation, the written decision of the instructor's supervisor, and the information presented by the student, the instructor and their witnesses. The Grade Appeals Committee will deliver a recommendation to the VPAA, who then has the right to reject or accept the recommendation. The decision of the VPAA will be final and binding on all parties.