2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Grade Change Policy

Final grades for students are important permanent records. Great care should be given in the recording of grades. When an obvious error or oversight has occurred, a grade change should be made immediately. Grades will be changed only when requested in writing by the instructor and approved by the instructional supervisor.

Grade changes are to be submitted on the Official Change of Grade Form http://pr.cf.edu/files/SA-AR15_Official_Change_of_Grade.pdf which requires the signature of the instructor and the initials of the instructional supervisor. Errors in grades must be corrected as soon as discovered. If the grade change is to correct an error, an explanation will be given with the instructor’s signature. The transcript will show only the corrected grade.

The following examples illustrate grade changes that are not in accordance with college policy:

F to W Passing grade to I
N to grade F to I
N to W or I Audit to grade
I to W Grade to audit

In special circumstances (i.e., computer error, etc.), if a student appears on the roll incorrectly at the end of the semester and an I is to be issued, an Official Change of Grade Form changing the grade from I to W must be submitted at the time the grade is submitted. This situation does not require the Course Completion Arrangement Form.

Any grade change that is not in accordance with college policy is to be accompanied by a completed Request for Grade Change Outside of College Policy form (http://inside.cf.edu/forms/index2.html) and will include a written explanation from the instructor who is initiating the grade change and authorization of the instructional supervisor or vice president. The form will become a part of the student’s record and the Office of Admissions and Records will also keep a copy of the form in the same manner as grade change records are kept.