2017-2018 Faculty Handbook


An approved course syllabus for each course taught must be on file in the departmental office. This is your contract with the student. Please post your syllabus and other worksheets to the portal (printing is limited). The syllabus is required to include:

  • the course number and title of the course, credit hours
  • the title, author and edition of the textbook(s) that is/are required in the class
  • any supplemental materials that students must have for the class (NOTE: CF Learning Resources Center libraries DO NOT purchase copies of currently adopted textbooks in their collection. An instructor may provide a copy for the library to place on reserve for in-house use).
  • instructor name, location of office, office telephone number and extension, and office hours; email address (optional except in online and hybrid courses); indication of E-Learning support staff at each campus, and multi-campus test proctoring arrangements
  • a reference to the course description found in the college catalog
  • course outline and course objectives
  • student learning outcomes covered in the course and how the outcomes will be measured
  • prerequisite courses and/or expectations of students prior to taking the class
  • brief description of teaching philosophy and/or expectations for the class performance and outcomes
  • description of how tests and assignments will be evaluated
  • a statement of how cheating/plagiarism will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action that could result in being dropped from the course, suspension or expulsion from school
  • description of grading and attendance policies
  • a schedule of class assignments, readings, quizzes, etc.
  • use of extra credit or additional assignments (if appropriate)
  • a schedule of approved field trips (if appropriate)
  • the college’s statement relative to students with disabilities (use exact wording as in template)
  • the college's equity statement (use exact wording as in template)
  • the drop date for the semester
  • the date and time of the final examination, and
  • college emergency telephone number 352-291-4499 and 800-831-9244 for school closings (natural disasters, etc.).

See Appendix B for a course syllabus template.