2017-2018 Faculty Handbook

Code of Student Conduct

Pursuant to Board Policy No. 7.04, the Code of Student Conduct is in effect on college premises, on properties owned by the CF Foundation and at functions sponsored by or participated in by the college regardless of the locations. Each student, by registration, assumes the responsibility to become familiar with and to abide by college regulations and acceptable standards of personal conduct.

Excerpts from Policy Manual, Rule 7.04

CF has established regulations governing student conduct which are considered necessary to preserve and maintain an environment conducive to learning, to ensure the safety and welfare of members of the college community, to encourage students in the development and practice of good citizenship and self discipline, and to protect property and equipment of the college.

The Student Code of Conduct may be found in CF Student Handbook, Section 7— Student Right-To-Know Information, and includes information on student records, rights and responsibilities, definition of terms, conduct hearing procedures, sanctions, suspensions, and appeals. The Student Code of Conduct may also be found in the CF Administrative Procedures, Policy 7.05.