2017-2018 Student Handbook

CF Web Services

The College of Central Florida offers many different services to students including: a web portal, student email, online classroom, and more. Find out what is available and tips to help you on your path to academic success.

CF Website

CF.edu has valuable information, including calendars, directories, catalogs, department and faculty pages that are an important resource. Use the CF Login link in the top right corner of the website to access your MyCF and Patriots Mail log-ins.


Canvas is the online classroom for CF Courses. Instructors can customize their Canvas sites to best fit the needs of their courses. Canvas is accessed through students' MyCF portal. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the general setup of Canvas and how to access key components; such as the messaging, calendar, and course listing features. For assistance and to find our more about Canvas and E-Learning, visit CF.edu/ELearning, call 352-854-2322, ext. 1317, or email dlhelp@cf.edu.

MyCF Web Portal

The first time you use the portal, you will see basic information arranged in three columns. Each column contains page portlets, small boxes providing information and services to students. At the top left of the portal, you can log in with your CF ID number and your password (which you set when you complete the CF application). Once you have logged into your account, you will see your name at the top, and you will be able to access your student information including:

  • degree audit
  • fee statement (fees and due date)
  • financial aid awards and information needed
  • grades
  • registration
  • semester schedule (this confirms enrollment)
  • test scores
  • transfer work

Familiarize yourself with the resources available from the various portlets; for example, the Campus Announcements portlet includes information on registration and financial aid and other collegewide updates.

To find class schedules and to register for classes, select the Enrollment tab, near the center top. From here, you can follow the Schedule of Classes link to open an advanced search window. You can also navigate to the schedule of classes by visiting CF.edu/Courses. You can search by course code, course title, campus or center, instructor, etc.

Once you have selected a class you want from the listing, make note of the course code and the two-digit section number. Make sure class days and times do not overlap. When you have determined all of the classes for which you want to register, go to the Enrollment portlet, select Add or Drop Classes and click on Register for Classes . A separate browser window will open. From this Registration Entry screen, follow the directions for adding, dropping or swapping courses. When you are finished, remember to close that browser window.

Once you have completed registering for your classes, you need to PRINT your Student Schedule AND Fee Statement . Print both of these from the My Classes link under the Enrollment portlet. The Finances tab will also provide you with your Financial Aid status. The Academics tab will give you information about your academic record, grades, GPA projection, test scores and degree audits.

Patriots Mail

The College of Central Florida provides students CF Patriots Mail accounts through Microsoft. The new student emails are required and are essential for student success. In addition to a reliable system for college communications, students have the benefit of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and OneDrive in the Microsoft cloud. The tools are available for up to five devices per account, which means a student can access from a personal computer, tablet, and/or cell phone on any browser. CF Patriots Mail also provides a professional email address for job-seeking students.

Current and incoming students will be assigned a Patriots Mail account upon registration for classes on or after April 1. An account will be created within 24 hours of successful registration. Your username for your CF Patriots Mail account will be up to the first seven letters of your last name (or fewer if you have a short name) and some portion of your first name followed by @Patriots.cf.edu. For example, Emily Hendricks would have the email hendrice@Patriots.cf.edu and Glen Jones would have the email jonesg@Patriots.cf.edu. Individuals with a common name might have letters added to form a unique email. To verify that your email is active and to receive your Patriots Mail address, log in to the MyCF portal and click on the Patriots Mail tab.

For more information, visit CF.edu/PatriotsMail

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