2017-2018 Student Handbook

Note Taking

  • First, be sure to do all your homework assignments before going to class. You will have a much easier time understanding what the instructor is going over if you have read the textbook chapters and done the assignments.
  • Second, bring your textbook to class as you may want to follow along or even take some notes right in your text.
  • Third, leave a good amount of space in your notes so you can fill in further insights as you review your notes.
  • Further, ask questions and participate in class (be an active learner).
  • Abbreviate as much as possible (words, phrases, name), but make sure you will be able to read and understand your notes later. Use symbols, such as #, <, vs., and w/.
  • Translate or add clarity to your notes as soon after class as possible.
  • Date your notes and use meaningful headings. Clip related handouts to your notes.