2017-2018 Student Handbook

Substitutions for Eligible Students with Disabilities

Eligibility for Substitutions: Any person who has a disability as defined in FAC 6A-10.041 shall be eligible for reasonable substitution for any requirement for admission to the College, admission into a program of study, or for graduation. Documentation must be provided to show that the person’s failure to meet the requirement is directly related to the disability, and that this failure to meet the requirement does not constitute a fundamental alteration to the College or the nature of the specific program. For purposes of this policy, the categories of disability shall be defined in the manner set forth in State Board of Education Rules.

Restrictions: The College will attempt to provide reasonable substitutions within the terms and intent of this policy. Factors such as accreditation standards, licensure or certification requirements, the significance of particular requirements to the program, availability of alternative means of achieving the purpose of the requirement are important considerations in the determination whether reasonable substitutions are available or whether a substitution would constitute a fundamental alteration in the nature of a program. For example, some programs establish external affiliations with organizations, such as hospitals or medical/dental offices, to provide important specialized training; in some instances, reasonable substitutions for such requirements may not be available. The granting of a substitution may not be construed as a representation that the substitution will meet requirements of any testing, licensure, or certificating organization.

Articulation with Other State Institutions: College of Central Florida shall accept all substitutions previously granted by other state postsecondary institutions as they may relate to admission to the college, admission to a program of study, or graduation.

Compliance with Accreditation Standards: No substitution, which would constitute a violation of any requirement by an accrediting organization, shall be granted or accepted pursuant to this policy.

Grievance: Any person who is aggrieved by an administrative decision related to this policy may pursue a grievance through the Chief Student Affairs Officer.

Procedures: The President or the President’s designee shall establish procedures to implement this policy.

For procedures regarding substitutions on the basis of disability, visit CF.edu/access or contact the coordinator for Access Services 352-854-2322, ext. 1580.

(Florida Statutes 1000.05, 1007.02, 1007.264, 1007.265, 1001.64, CF Board Policy 7.01)