2018-2019 Catalog

Experiential Learning

The experiential learning assessment process is designed to recognize the academic value of learning through experiences including work experience, employment-related training programs, seminars, volunteer work, travel, military service or self-directed study.

Assessment: Assessment involves the following:

  • written or performance tests
  • preparation of a portfolio describing learning and how it was acquired
  • evaluation of certificates and licenses
  • interviews with faculty members
  • review of external agency recommendations.

The program area responsible for the courses for which credit is requested determines the method of assessment and the amount of credit awarded. Not all courses are assessable courses. Courses being assessed must be offered as a requirement or an elective in an A.S. degree or certificate program at CF. General Education courses are not assessable.

Process: After being admitted to the college and selecting a program with the help of a counselor or advisor, the student must:

  1. meet with the appropriate program representative to determine if an assessment process is available for selected courses
  2. apply for assessment on forms available from the department or Student Affairs
  3. consult with the department chair, program manager or designated faculty evaluator to determine requirements for assessment and fees required
  4. discuss student responsibilities in the assessment process, including:
    • meeting with an instructor for an oral or written exam
    • preparing for a written exam by reviewing textbooks
    • arranging for an instructor to interview an employer, as well as a worksite visit
    • presenting certificates and licenses for authentication
    • developing a portfolio of experience
    • providing ACE recommendations for military training
  5. pay necessary fees for assessment. (It is possible that academic credit will not be awarded as requested, but the cost of assessment remains the same.)

Award of Credit: Depending on the amount of credit requested and the methods of assessment required, the assessment process time may vary. When the process is completed, the results are forwarded to the appropriate dean for final review and verification. The dean will request, by memo, that the college registrar post any awarded credits to the transcript. Credits awarded are held in escrow until the student satisfactorily completes 25 percent of program coursework (15 credits for the A.A.) at CF. Experiential credit may not be used to meet the residency requirement of 25 percent of program course work required at CF for graduation.

This type of credit may not be acceptable for transfer to other institutions. The receiving institution would determine transferability.