2018-2019 Catalog

Testing Information

The CF testing centers at the Ocala, Citrus, and Levy locations offer a variety of testing services required for admission and placement into academic and vocational programs, as well as for special fields of training. CF testing centers offer many other types of tests to students, to local industries, and to the public. Such tests include interest inventories, values inventories, personality inventories, employment development inventories, career assessment, computer skills tests, occupational skills tests, aptitude tests, achievement tests, college major interest tests, college adjustment scales, academic skills tests, customer service skills tests, professional employment tests, temperament analysis tests, personnel tests, industry certification tests and many others.

Details on all testing services such as testing dates, cost, test duration, retake policies and other testing requirements are available in the testing centers at the three college locations.

Appropriate disability-related accommodations are available for testing center services. For more information, visit the Disability Services office website at CF.edu/Access.

Placement cut scores for degree-seeking, first-time-in-college students began with the January 1995 semester, approved by the State Board of Education (F.A.C. Rule 6A-10.0315, College Preparatory Testing, Placement and Instruction, as amended).

Placement Test Scores


Course ACT Reading SATU Reading  CPT Reading PERT Reading
REA 0007 13 and below 18 and below  0-59 50-83
REA 0017 14-18 19-23  60-82 84-105
College Level Courses 19 or higher  24 or higher  83 or higher  106-150 


Courses ACT English SATU Writing  CPT Writing PERT Writing
ENC 0015 12 and below 18 and below  0-59 50-89
ENC 0025 13-16 19-24  60-82 90-102
College Level Courses 17 or higher  25 or higher  83 or higher  103-150 


Course ACT Math SATU Math CPT Math PERT Math CLM
MAT 0057 18 and below 23.5 and below 0-71 50-113
MAT 1033, MGF 1106, MGF 1107,
STA 2023
19-24 24-26 72-94 114-122 0-39
MAC 1105 25 or higher 26.5 or higher Must take CLM 123 or higher 40-69
MAC 1114, MAC 1140, MAC 1147,
MAE 2801

Must take CLM

MAC 2233, MAC 2311 103-120

The above information was compiled by the CF Testing Center, formulated from test and score requirements in effect at the date of publication, and is subject to change. Refer to the Florida Department of Education common placement testing at http://www.fldoe.org/schools/higher-ed/fl-college-system/common-placement-testing.stml

PERT Placement Test Scores for non-Native English Speakers and Enrollment in EAP and Degree Program Courses:

CPT Individual scores in the skill areas below: EAP Level 1 Courses EAP Level 2 Courses Degree Program Courses
PERT Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills 83 or below, student is placed in EAP level 1 courses Score of 84-105, student is placed EAP level 2 courses Score of 106
PERT Writing 89 or below, student is placed in EAP level 1 courses Score of 90-102, student is placed EAP level 2 courses Score of 103

English for Academic Purposes, EAP

English for Academic Purposes credit courses for at College of Central Florida are listed in the catalog under the college prep heading beginning with the code EAP. These credit courses are designed to prepare a non-native English speaker for success in college-level courses, including ENC 1101. EAP courses are an integral part of the degree program for non-Native English speakers. The EAP program improves English skills, including grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

An interactive language laboratory, online tutorials and free tutoring assistance are just a few of the tools that are available to students in the EAP program.

Alternative Placement Testing for Non-Native English Speakers

CF does not require a Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL, for international student admission.

If a student has official TOEFL, International English Language Testing System, IELTS, or Society for Testing English Proficiency, STEP, scores, no older than 12 months, the following chart shows the minimum accepted scores for placement directly into ENC 1101. These test scores will only be accepted prior to the first day of class.

Students submitting alternative test scores that meet the minimum requirement as indicated in the graph below must still take the mathematics section of the PERT placement test.



Degree credit courses 61 and above 173 and above 500 and above 5.5 and above Grade 2A and above