2018-2019 Faculty Handbook

Faculty Contracts

Annual Contracts

Annual contracts are issued to faculty who are not on continuing contract status. The contract between the District Board of Trustees and the faculty shall expire at the end of the current contract period.

Continuing Contracts

The awarding of continuing contract status for faculty recognizes faculty for increasing effectiveness in promoting student learning during their initial employment with the college. The process of attaining continuing contract status also encourages competency in the areas of teaching, professional development, college service, service to students and public service. Refer to the "Portfolio Development Procedures to Support Continuing Contract" at http://inside.cf.edu/manuals/PortfolioDevProcSupContContract.pdf. See Appendix E.

Adjunct Agreements

Adjunct instructors are required to sign an agreement prior to receiving pay for classes taught. The agreement is normally sent to the adjunct after the semester begins. Adjunct faculty are asked to sign and return the agreement to the appropriate administrator as soon as possible to expedite having the contract entered into the payroll system. The signed contract is required before payment can be made.

Adjunct Instructors-Alternative to Social Security Deduction

The District Board of Trustees approved the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF) Social Security Alternative Plan for adjunct instructors in the year 2000. This means that a mandatory deduction is made from the adjunct instructor's checks and remitted to TIAA-CREF in lieu of the normal Social Security deduction. The TIAA-CREF deduction is 7.5 percent and replaces the Social Security deduction. Medicare is still deducted from adjunct paychecks. This pre-tax deduction goes into a pre-tax 403B annuity program. All new adjuncts are required to complete the SSA 1945 form. The deduction code is RT on the pay stub.