2018-2019 Faculty Handbook

Course and Student Evaluation

It is the policy of the College of Central Florida that all full-time and part-time instructors be evaluated by the students enrolled in their classes. Student review of annual and continuing contract faculty is completed online through the student portal. The evaluation instrument, identified and approved by the Faculty Senate, is used collegewide for the formal student and course evaluation process. The results of these evaluations are used as part of the instructor performance review. These evaluations provide instructors with student comments that may aid in the process of course and self-review. They also serve to help faculty and administrators improve the instructional process based on students' perceptions of effective instructional methods and subject matter. Faculty must give students the opportunity to evaluate their courses each semester utilizing the evaluation instrument by instructing students how to find the instrument online and providing them with the dates that the evaluation instrument is available to them. Once the evaluation period is closed, the results for each faculty member are available to the faculty member via his or her individual web portal. See Appendix C.