2018-2019 Faculty Handbook

Workers’ Compensation Claim Procedures

Workers’ Compensation provides payment for medical expenses for employees who incur an injury on the job and must see an authorized physician or go to a medical facility. It also pays a percentage of wages to an employee who has been placed off work by an authorized physician due to a workplace injury. Full-time employees may supplement the remaining percentage of their wages with their accrued leave time. The college’s third party administrator will send the checks (made payable to the individual) to the college for pickup at the Payroll Department and to be used in calculating the amount needed to make the paycheck(s) accurate. This is to ensure that the employee is not overpaid.

Any full-time or part-time employee (adjunct, student assistant, part-time hourly) or volunteer is eligible for compensation if he or she is injured while performing duties within the course and scope of employment. Step-by-step instructions for reporting and submitting a claim are found at http://benefits.cf.edu/workers_compensation.html.

(NOTE: If an “off-duty” employee is injured on campus while attending a function, the incident is reported as a Liability claim rather than a Workers’ Compensation claim. Incidents involving students or non-employees are also reported as Liability claims. Liability claims are handled through CF’s Purchasing Office.)