2018-2019 Faculty Handbook

Disability Services - Tests, Quizzes, and In-class Assignments Accommodations

Advance planning is essential for testing, quizzes, and in-class assignments accommodations -- more than 300 students with disabilities receive accommodations each semester. At the beginning of the semester (and/or as early as possible) students and faculty should discuss arrangements for accommodations. It is recommended that students bring their syllabus to Disability Services and make arrangements as far in advance as possible. Accommodations include, but are not limited to: extended time, low-distraction or private space, scribes, and adaptive technology.

  • Students are responsible for discussing with faculty their intentions to utilize their accommodations for tests/assignments at least five business days in advance.
  • Students are responsible for notifying Disability Services of their intentions to utilize their accommodations as low distraction testing space fills quickly.
  • Exams are typically scheduled to be taken at the regular class time. Alternative days or times for exams are collaborated between the Testing Center and with the instructors expressed permission.
  • Faculty are responsible for providing the exam to the Testing Center. Exams may be emailed or hand delivered; or in the case of computerized exam pass codes, these can be provided via email to the Testing Center (testing@cf.edu).
  • Disability Services is responsible for facilitating accommodations.
  • Completed exams are scanned and returned to faculty via email, are picked up by faculty, or sent to faculty via interoffice mail.