2018-2019 Faculty Handbook

Evacuation Plan and Procedures

In a number of situations, it may be necessary to evacuate a campus building. This decision is the responsibility of the Critical Incident Team Commander (vice president Administration and Finance).

An evacuation map is posted in each classroom and main office area. Make yourself aware of the evacuation route and predesignated assembly point.

If an evacuation is ordered, the following steps should be followed.

  1. Instructors must bring their class roster with them when evacuating their classroom/building.

  2. Instructors should ensure all students are out of the classroom and adjoining bathrooms.

  3. Instructors and supervisors are requested to shut off any gas jets in their classrooms prior to evacuation.

  4. Instructors should close doors and windows prior to following their students out of the building. (Doors should be left unlocked.)

  5. Instruct the first student evacuating to hold open exit doors until all persons in the class have evacuated.

  6. Evacuation from upper floors of buildings will be by the way of the stairwells. The elevators will NOT be used as a route of egress during evacuation procedures.

  7. Instructors and supervisors shall provide assistance and direction in the safe evacuation of any students or employees with disabilities in their area, utilizing other students or employees as needed. All multi-story buildings have an evacuation chair; the Century Center has two. If college staff cannot safely evacuate a student or employee with a disability, inform rescue personnel immediately as to that individual’s location.

  8. Students should take backpacks and personal property with them if possible.

  9. Classes proceed to the predesignated holding area/assembly point. Once there, instructors should make note of students who are not present and maintain order.

  10. The list of missing students should be given to Public Safety so a search can be conducted.

  11. Instructors should remain with their classes until an all clear signal is sounded or an administrator gives other instructions.