2018-2019 Faculty Handbook

Marketing and Public Relations

The Marketing and Public Relations Department offers a multitude of services to faculty, staff and administrators looking for innovative ways to promote programs, special events and other news to external and internal audiences.

  • Internal Communications  – Information of collegewide interest may be shared with faculty and staff via Insider employee newsletter, www.CFInsider.org. Please share announcements of guests speakers, department events, awards and accomplishments through a simple form at CF.edu/MPRservices. Information is typically posted the same day, and a twice-weekly roundup is shared via email broadcast (weekly during the summer). Individuals also have the option of receiving individual posts via an RSS feed; click on “Receive individual posts by email.” Insider has replaced collegewide broadcasts, which are now limited to official college announcements.
  • Media Services – Faculty needing an event or classroom activity videotaped or photographed can request services from Marketing and Public Relations at CF.edu/MPRservices. Additional services available include the provision of digital images via email, flash drive, DVD or CD-ROM, scheduling and supporting videoconferencing, and the duplication of audiovisual materials (copyright laws will be followed; see copyright section). For information, call 352-854-2322, ext.1328 (Ocala). Citrus Campus has a DVD camcorder and tripod available for classroom usage. Please call 352-746-6721, ext. 6119, for more information.
  • Loan Closet  – The department has a limited number of table covers, retractor banners and display boards which may be reserved for special events such as College Preview Nights, etc.
  • Media Relations – Advise the Marketing and Public Relations Department immediately if you are contacted by the media for an interview that was not arranged through the department, or in the event of an emergency on campus (after calling 911 and/or the Public Safety Office as needed). ONLY the college president or a designee may serve as college spokesperson for the media.
  • Brand and Style Guidelines  – The department ensures that the website, brochures, advertisements and other materials intended for external audiences have uniformity in language usage and style, as defined in the CF Brand and Style Guide, and that college, state and federal requirements are met. Any nonclassroom materials to be printed by Printing and Postal Services or an outside vendor must be approved by Marketing and Public Relations as well as the appropriate dean or vice president.

To request Marketing and Public Relations Services (assistance with a news release, photography, ITV, social media, proofing, changes to a form, etc.), complete the form at CF.edu/MPRservices.